Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funeral For A Friend

First, apologies to Elton John for stealing his song title. It just seemed to fit this blog so well.

So, today was a strange day but then what day hasn’t been these last five weeks. Kelly was worn out from the get go. She has been working so hard with her therapies that her body, brain and spirit are surely feeling it. However, being the trooper she is, she went through the day completing every part of her daily rehab with a smile on her face. This last part, the smile on her face, is what threw me when the “rest” of the day happened. I believe now, I was lured by that smile into believing it was safe today. Foolish me!

It actually started this morning when I was helping Kel get dressed and she informed me I better stop calling her a baby. Now, I honestly don’t recall calling her a baby. I do recall her telling me yesterday that I better stop treating her like a baby. I also remember her actually being the baby of our family. The baby name calling accusations? .... never happened! Not that it would be a bad thing if I had called her a baby since, well, technically she IS the Casas baby. But I digress.

Once the baby thing was swept under the rug, we went about our day with little else in confrontation. Well, except for the part when I was trying to encourage her in how well she was doing in front of PT and she told “the Peanut Gallery” to “pipe down.” Are ya kidding me? Peanut Gallery? Pipe down? First, I resent being compared to peanuts considering they have been found to be deadly in the news of late. And as for the pipe down remark, when have I EVER smoked a pipe …….. well after the ‘70s anyway? So once again, we both agreed to let it go. Obviously we were tired and had spent more time together than should have been medically allowed, mental health wise.

Then another doctor, at least the tenth today, came in to deliver great news about how wonderful Kelly was doing, and how she won’t have to take the stomach shots as long as they thought, and how happy they were with her progress. They even removed the brain drain! This would have been a great time for him to just leave, but noooo!!! The guy looks at us and asks, “Are you two twins?” Now, Kelly is mad because SHE IS THE BABY and he just insinuated she is as old as me. Big deal. Three years. Not to mention I am a very young 50! I’m mad because she is covered with bruises, her hair is matted with bloody hell and she has steroid action happening if you get my drift. He leaves and we “discuss” who should be more offended. She may have won that one but I am not ready to concede.

Finally evening arrived and we ordered dinner. The plan was to enjoy a meal together in her room while watching American Idol. Sounded like a perfectly fine plan ……. UNTIL! Seems one of us, and I swear it wasn’t me but I think she swears it was, brought up a topic that would have been better left un-brought up. The conversation turned to yelling followed by crying followed by the infamous Casas women SILENCE! Then dinner arrived. Well, of course we had to talk then because one thing we know for sure. We may want to never speak to each other again but do you think we are really gonna turn down food? Come on! Everyone knows you have to comment on the food and how good or bad or better yours is, so we talked again. Until the final accusation that is.

So we finish dinner, I help Kelly to the bathroom, get her changed into her nightgown, help her into bed and a small, insignificant accident happened. I guess somehow, and I am NOT saying I had anything to do with it, her gown was tied a little tight in the back…….around the neck. So as I am swinging her legs into bed, the top of the gown ……. well ……it sorta wrung around her neck. Of course, she starts making a big deal out of it.

“How are you gonna explain I made it through brain surgery only to be choked to death in my bed by my nightgown?? Huh??”



Anonymous said...

Please change the title of this entry! My phone was ringing off the hook.

Nicole said...

LMAO! What a great way to start my day. And Marla, definitely consider that writing thing.

Glad to hear things are progressing positively!

Off to Vegas for the weekend with my friend and her husband. I'm a planner, but she takes it to a level that is over the top. She's taking my relaxing weekend and has got so many plans, I don't know when I'll squeeze in the cocktails I'm dying for not to mention the air! She be interesting, it's our first weekend away as couple friends. And she's sure to try and out-boob me. Let me just put your mind at rest, I will certainly win in that department. Best $$$ ever spent! Hee hee!

Can't go to Vegas without thinking of you, me and BVH having dinner atop Binions, a show at the Golden Nugget with my mom and grandma and all of us, and of course my favorite memory - BINGO!!!

Excited I can read the blog on my iPhone! I'll be checking on your this weekend!

Love you!

Marla said...

Dear Anonymous (since you didn't sign your name)~ So are you saying people only read the titles?? I almost feel bad thinking people are calling an anonymous person and ringing their phone off the hook. Almost. Wahahahahaha!!!!

Marla said...

Nicole~ Regarding your entries in the Boobie War this weekend: we are pleased to hear you are confident of a victory. We will be thinking of you everytime we remove our bras and ours hit the floor. Have a wonderful time!

Nicole said...

They are perky and proud! I'm alive and in Vegas. Kelly can attest to my fear of flying. I've found that a Xanax and two bloody marys helps.

ps... Anyone opposed to drunk blogging? It's similar to texting old boyfriends when you've been cocktailing. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL on the twins thing, so so sorry Kelly and Marla. Bet that comment saw some fire. Marla does that put you in the Casas darling catagory now.

Yahoo, home next week, can't wait to see you in Prun-tucky. It will be nice to be in your own bed and on your own time schedule. Marla same goes for you.

PT, OT, Speech with a SMILE on her face....Yahoo.

Nicole in Vegas with no kids and Boobs sounds dangerous.

Keep up the good work, baby....
Love you....Cher

Maureen said...

OK you two I'm older and know more. So, Kelly you have and always will be Cry Baby Casas, like it or not. I would take full advantage of the baby thing if I could. Now, for Marla, remember I still have the wooden spoon, so quit picking on your poor little sister. I really think I may have to come down there to order both of you around, I'm really good at it you know.

Anonymous said...

Marla and Kelly,
Look out not Maureen you know she means it.

Hope the day in therapy turned out wonderful. Love you....Cher

Anonymous said...

Hey girls, hope you guys are doing well. I will have to say those big personalities are so funny. I am glad to see through it you haven't lost that thing I love about you guys the most personality. Kelly kick but and take names!!!
love your family in Big Tex

JavaJimmy said...

Thank you - now I have another item to put into your next gift basket.

Marla said...

Jim~ Gift basket ideas? Oh, that is easy.

~Mean Girls
~The Excorcist
~The Mummy
~Head Wound Harry
~Drop Dead Fred

Shall I go on? Hope all is well in Java land.

Nicole said...

How are you doing? It's been a few days since the last post and I'm interested to hear how all the therapy is progressing.

Survived Vegas. Barely. I think Kevin was ready to kill me by 2pm Saturday when I still wouldn't get out of bed. Not knowing your limitations...wonder if that'll ever change!

Love you!!
PS - I sooooo won the boob war. :)

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, man! You're sisters, alright! too funny...